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Internal hydrant DN52 with additional hose universal

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Internal hydrant DN52 with two φ52 mm lay-flat fire hoses in a cradle with place for fire extinguisher. Universal design: possible to connect to water supply as left or right side. Mounted on the wall (Z) or recessed (W). Holes for water connection are blanked, possibility to connect from the side. Working pressure from 0,2 to 0,7 MPa.

Height:650 mm
Width:700 mm
Depth:250 mm
Height:670 mm
Width:720 mm
Depth:260 mm
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Files to download

Height:650 mm
Width:700 mm
Depth:250 mm
Height:670 mm
Width:720 mm
Depth:260 mm

Files to download

Standard design:

  • hydrant cabinet STANDARD – steel sheet lacquered epoxy-poliester facade powder paint in red (RAL 3000) or white (RAL 9003) color; thanks to cover hinge cabinet door are opening for 180º
  • hydrant in a suspended (Z) or recessed (W) version. Recessed version supplied with flange
  • 52 hydrant valve
  • hose support – cradle  in RAL 3000 color
  • two lay flat hoses φ52 mm 15 m or 20m length according to PN-EN 14540:2005(U)
  • hydrant nozzle type PWh-52 according to PN-EN-671-2, fixed connection to fire hose by crimping the nozzle with aluminum sleeve
  • hose couplings crimped with aluminum sleeve
  • Patent lock
  • marking: sign “Hydrant” and “Fire Extinguisher” according to PN-EN ISO 7010:2012 + information plate according to PN-EN 671-1
  • documentation: instruction of assembly and maintenance
  • instruction of change from right to left side
  • guarantee card
  • identification number

Code Type Hose length Lock Supports/bases *
[height x depth]
Number of
Technical drawing

S-52-C240-650x700x250-P-XXXX mounted on the wall 2×20 m Patent S-C-PODSTAWA-750×250 2 pcs.
S-52-C230-650x700x250-P-XXXX mounted on the wall 2×15 m
S-52-B240-650x700x2500-P-XXXX mounted in a recess 2×20 m S-C-PODPORA-750×235 2 pcs.
S-52-B230-650x700x250-P-XXXX mounted in a recess 2×15 m
XXXX – means a color from the RAL palette (red 3000 or white 9003)
* Bases or supports are additional equipment sold separately


Working pressure: from 0,2 MPa to 0,7 MPa
Diffused conical water stream – not less than 45 degree.

Flow rate /efficiency/ Pressure [MPa] Dispersed stream Compact stream
Equivalent diameter 13 mm 0,2 172 l/min 155 l/min
0,4 244 l/min 220 l/min
0,6 299 l/min 270 l/min
Factor K 122
Effective range of the water jet projection (plus the length of the hose 15 m or 20 m)
Equivalent diameter 13 mm 0,2 5,4 m 10,8 m
0,4 8,1 m 17,1 m
0,6 9,9 m 19,8 m

Attention! The dependence of the flow rate Q on the pressure P is given by the equation: Q = √10P, where Q is expressed in liters / minute and P in megapascals.

Type of lock

Patent lock

Large quantity of cabinets can be opened with one key. The key for emergency opening is located behind the safety glass.

Euro lock

Twist lock adapted to put seal on.

Additional equipment