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Cabinet for fire blanket

The blanket cabinets are used to store the fire blanket.

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Files to download

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Files to download

Standard execution:

  • Cabinets made of steel sheet lacquered with Facade type polyester powder paint. Full door appropriately marked with the sign “Fire Blanket”. The standard color is red (RAL 3000).
  • PATENT lock

Size of the fire blanket Cabinet symbol Dimensions [mm]
blanket 1 x 1 m S-SO-KOC-360X280X50 360 x 280 x 50
blanket 1,4 x 1,8 m S-SO-KOC-400X340X50 400 x 340 x 50
blanket 2 x 3 m S-SO-KOC-440X380X80 440 x 380 x 80

Type of lock

zamek Parent

Patent lock

Large quantity of cabinets can be opened with one key. The key for emergency opening is located behind the safety glass.

Euro lock

Twist lock adapted to put seal on.