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Fire extinguisher stand

Stands for fire extinguishers are designed to protect the fire extinguisher from damage, they are an alternative to wall hangers. Made for fire extinguishers with powder weights from 4 to 12 kg and carbon-dioxide fire extinguisher GS 5 kg.

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Files to download

Standard execution:

  • Metal stand for a fire extinguisher made with the utmost attention to aesthetics, durability and functionality. Protected against corrosion lacquered with Facade type polyester powder paint.
    Made of black metal sheet in RAL 3000 or RAL 9003. Plastic feet and plugs for holes.
  • The stand can be equipped with a mast terminated with:
    • a cylinder (up to three characters of a fire extinguisher sign), or
    • with a 3D spatial sign, or
    • a blackboard with one sign of a fire extinguisher.
      The height of the stand with the mast is about 190cm.
  • To the mast you can additionally mount a fire-blanket cabinet

Type of stand for fire extinguishers: