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Gas cabinets

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Gas cabinets are used to build-in the gas meters and the gas valves.

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Files to download

Files to download

Standard execution:

The gas cabinets are made in four versions:

  • without back
  • without bottom
  • without bottom and back
  • as a masking frame

Type Dimensions [mm]
(height x width x depth)
S-GAZ-300x300x150 300 x 300 x 150
S-GAZ-600x600x250 600 x 600 x 250
S-GAZ-800x600x260 800 x 600 x 260

Type of lock

zamek Parent

Patent lock

Large quantity of cabinets can be opened with one key. The key for emergency opening is located behind the safety glass.

Euro lock

Twist lock adapted to put seal on.

Lock for gas cabinet

Standard lock for gas cabinet
ikona Zamek Ronis

Ronis lock

With two or three point locking mechanism, key closing