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WP-Color type pressure fire hoses for pumps – coated

Product symbol Product code
WP-52-20-ŁA-COLOR S-WM52-20-UP-A
WP-75-20-ŁA-COLOR S-WM75-20-UP-A
symbol certyfikat cnbop

Pressure fire hose, type WP-COLOR, for motor pumps and auto-pumps, coated, with a PU insert. Diameter φ 52 and 75 mm length 20 m.

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Pressure fire hoses, type WP-COLOR, are manufactured from the highest quality coated hose tape with a PU insert.


  • hoses in accordance with national and European requirements
  • round-woven from high-quality polyester yarn
  • coated, resistant to weather conditions (at low temperatures up to -30ºC), rot and decay, to oils, greases, fuels
  • coating protecting the braid easy to clean and renovate
  • inner liner made of high quality polyurethane – resistant to abrasion, smooth and flexible
  • innovative technology of connecting the hose with the connector eliminating the hose wiping at the end of the connector sleeve, improving ergonomics and aesthetics – solution protected by the PPR law No. 62999

The innovative technology of connecting the hose with the connector by bush overlaping  ensures:

  • 100% tightness on connecting the tape with the connector
  • resistance to hose wiping at the end of the connector sleeve
  • improving ergonomics and aesthetics

The solution is protected by the UPPR (Polish Patent Office) law No. 62999

Braid round-woven from high quality polyester silk coated with polyurethane plastisol
Inner insert from high class polyurethane, smooth and elastic
Type of fire-hose WP-52-20-ŁA-COLOR WP-75-20-ŁA-COLOR
Inner diameter 52 mm 75 mm
Length 20 m
Connectors Made of aluminium
Working pressure 1,5 MPa
Bursting pressure 4,5 MPa
Working temperature -30ºC +50ºC
The weight of the hose with connectors 5 kg 8,1 kg

Possibility of implementation

ikona łacznik węża opcje

Hose coupling

  • aluminum - standard
  • brass