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Mobile foam unit DF130

The mobile foam unit DF130 is an ideal solution, wherever there is a risk of a rapidly spreading fire, that is, warehouses, stores and handling terminals for flammable substances.

Height: 1020 mm
Width: 710 mm
Depth: 910 mm

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Files to download

Files to download


  • fuel storage
  • magazines for paints and varnishes
  • fuel transhipment stations
  • boiler room /engine room
  • other places with a high degree of fire hazard

Fast and reliable in use, operated by one person, requires only connection to the water supply network.

  • capacity of foaming agent 130 litres
  • the possibility of using all foaming agents
  • convenient and easy to move
  • supported only by one person
  • long time of use
  • filled with 3% foam concentrate works for 20 minutes. producing over 34,000 liters of heavy foam
  • tank resistant to chemical corrosion – the possibility of using all foam agents available on the market
  • tank weight: 10,75 kg ± 0,75 kg
  • tank material – isophthalic resin, 3-layer, structure 450 gm / m2
  • a chassis made of metal equipped with rubber wheels with a diameter of 400 mm

Standard equipment:

  • foam nozzle PP-2
  • linear sucker Z-2 with a ball valve

At the customer’s request, the DF130 can be equipped with:

  • foam nozzle PP-4 + sucker Z-4
  • foam generator WP-2 + sucker Z-2
  • foam generator WP-4 + sucker Z-4