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Internal hydrants with thermal insulation

symbol dn25
symbol dn33
symbol dn52

Internal hydrants with heater and thermal insulation type DN25, DN33 i DN52.

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Files to download

Files to download

Insulated and heated internal hydrants type DN25, DN33 and DN52 are designed to work in places exposed to low temperatures, such as: parking lots, halls, warehouses, etc.

Standard design:

  • hydrant cabinet STANDARD DN25, DN33 or DN52 with equipment
  • thermal insulation inside cabinet
  • heater with thermostat
  • snap lock
  • bases

Version with thermal insulation and heater:

  • Hydrant cabinet insulated by material with thermal conductivity 0,0359 [W/m*K]
  • 100W heater with thermostat

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Type of lock

zamek klamrowy

Buckle lock

It can be closed with a padlock or secured with a seal. Secure with a padlock, order a key box and attach it to the hydrant door.