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Hydrant nozzle PWH-52/D13-150

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Hydrant water nozzle produced by “SUPRON 3” type PWh-52 / D13-150 is used for opening, closing and continuous adjustment of the efficiency and type of water stream (dispersed and compact) in fire-fighting equipment.

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Files to download

Files to download


  • made in accordance with PN-EN-671-2
  • the only nozzle on the Polish market that has the CNBOP-PIB Certificate of Conformity
  • a nozzle with a plastic valve head
  • regulation of the stream type and efficiency takes place by turning the gripping part of the nozzle made of ABS plastic in red RAL 3000

Nozzles allow you to adjust the settings in the following positions:

  • closed
  • dispersed water stream
  • compact water stream


Working pressure: from 0,2 MPa to 1,2 MPa
Diffused conical water stream – not less than 45 degrees.

Flow rate /efficiency/ Pressure Dispersed stream Compact stream
Equivalent diameter 13 mm 0,2 MPa 172 l/min 155 l/min
0,4 MPa 244 l/min 220 l/min
0,6 MPa 299 l/min 270 l/min
Factor K 122 110
Effective coverage range of the water stream /+ the length of the hose 15 or 20 m/
Equivalent diameter 13 mm 0,2 MPa 8,1 m 10,5 m

Attention! The dependence of the flow rate Q on the pressure P is given by the equation: Q = √10P, where Q is expressed in liters / minute and P in megapascals.

Possibility of implementation

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Nozzle head

  • plastic nozzle head in standard
  • brass nozzle head
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Adapter type

  • 52 STORZ adapter in standard
  • 52 GOST adapter
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  • aluminum fittings in standard
  • brass fittings