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FIREFLEX hoses are the high quality hoses resistant to abrasion, high pressure and extreme temperatures.

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Files to download

Files to download


  • textile braid: polyamide + polyester
  • internal / external material: nitrile / PVC / rubber
  • color: red
  • high quality mix of nitrile / PVC / rubber covering the hose
  • high abrasion resistance. Construction with longitudinal straps to protect the hose from damage due to friction
  • high resistance to oil and chemicals. A special mix of nitrile / PVC / rubber provides good protection in case of accidental contact with chemicals
  • resistant to aging (sun)
  • resistant to high temperature (up to 150ºC)
  • the outer shell provides protection in the event of contact with heat
  • does not require drying after use, waterproof
  • easy to repair

Inner diameter [mm] Weight Working pressure [bar] Bursting pressure [bar]
25 180 gr/m 20 65
52 420 gr/m 17 50
75 700 gr/m 17 50